Tips for Self Drive Touring in Australia

  • Posted by on 23 May 2018

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. From its waterfalls and rivers to its rugged gorges, sunsets and brilliant starry skies, you'll always find yourself stopping to appreciate the scenery in the Kimberley.

One of the best ways to see it all is on a self-driving tour.  But what is the best way to arrange a self-drive tour and how can you ensure your safety?

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What should I know about self-driving tours?

Gibb River Road Self Drive Tour

The Gibb River Road is one of Australia’s best known adventure roads.


If you're interested in a self-driving tour of the beautiful Kimberley region, there are a few things you should know:

  • You can create a personalised self-drive package. We want you to enjoy your tour of Kimberley stress-free! That means creating a package that works to suit your interests and schedule.
  • If you're looking to visit Mitchell Plateau, you'll need each traveller to have an Uunguu Visitor Pass. This pass is required along with the WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, and Parks and Wildlife Service Park pass.
  • There are many location options to suit your specific interests.
  • There is a range of time-frame options to best accommodate your desired driving schedule.
  • Driving in the Kimberley is not as scary as you think!   So long as you take your time, drive to the conditions and not be in a rush to get from one place to another, you too can have an adventure of a lifetime.

Choosing your package

The first step in planning your Kimberley self-driving tour is to choose your adventure. As we mentioned, each adventure tour provides something unique, and is designed to fit your interests and schedule.

You can find a full list of the many driving tour options for 2018 here.

Some of the choices include the ‘Kimberley Circuit’ which is 18 days and 17 nights; the ‘Best of the West Kimberley Gorges’, which is 8 nights; or the ‘Staircase to the Moon’, which is a holiday package of 5 nights and coincides with Broome’s Staircase to the Moon natural phenomenon.  And that's just the beginning of the many options you'll find.

Galvans Gorge Kimberley Tours

Take a swim in Galvans Gorge

Three tips for staying safe on your travels

Before you book your travels, it's important to understand what you'll encounter and how to be safe along the way.  Let's talk about three key things to keep in mind:

Road conditions - In an ever-changing climate like the one in the Kimberley, especially the Gibb River Road, it's important to be aware of the road conditions at all times to ensure your safety. Although the roads are only open when they're safe for travellers, you still need to pay close attention to any road condition signage and warnings.

Wildlife - It's critical to remember that throughout your adventures you are driving through the habitat of small and large animals in mostly unfenced country. That being said, while you're driving, it's likely that you may see different forms of wildlife including birds, goannas, snakes, wallabies and cattle - all of which can wander into the roadway, creating a hazard. You're certain to encounter wildlife if you travel between dusk and dawn, so be sure to stay extra alert if you must travel during these times.  However, we highly recommend not travelling after dark. 

Mobile phone reception -  The main town centres of the Kimberly region have mobile phone service as does most of the Great Northern Highway. However, there is no reception along the Gibb River Road or in the Bungle Bungles.  You may want to consider bringing a satellite phone for your excursion, particularly if you are planning to travel to the more remote areas.


Cattle on Kimberley Station

Most of the Kimberley stations are unfenced, so you will come across animals along the way


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