The tourist season is not over in Broome!

  • Posted by on 6 October 2015

As the weather warms up in the Kimberley, some prospective visitors think that the region has closed down.  Yes, the weather is getting very warm in some areas; yes, accommodation along the Gibb River Road and the Bungle Bungles is now closed or about to close for the season, but there is still many tour operators who are still offering their tours.

Many tours are dependent upon other factors outside of their control, such as the whale watching cruises from Broome, because the whales are now on their southern migration. Or, the weather has become just too hot to safely journey into the more remote locations, so they are forced to close operations for the season.

Some tours are not operating daily because of reduced tourist numbers, but if you contact us well before your planned visit, then we can advise what days the tours may be operating at that time so that you can make the most of your visit.

Broome is the main centre for tourism activities that continue through the 'build-up' and 'wet season' months of November to March and below, and we have listed below some of those tours.  Just click on the tour and you will be taken to that page on our website.  As tour operators do change their operations from time to time, we do suggest that you contact us to check out more of what may be available: