Over 50's Travel Bloggers To Follow

  • Posted by on 11 December 2018

Over 50s Travel Bloggers To FollowResearching holiday and travel destinations has never been easier. The internet gives us copious amounts of information right at our fingertips for free. However with so much information out there on the world wide web, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust.

Here at Best Of The Kimberley, we understand everyone has different travel styles and objectives for what they want out of a holiday or an extended time travelling. Therefore, today, we wanted to focus on sharing with you some of our favourite over 50’s travel bloggers.

This bunch of mature travel bloggers have been here, there and everywhere. Through their blogs and social media channels, you can gain tips and tricks for different destinations or purely follow along with wanderlust.


Kiwis Fly The Coop

Kiwis Fly The Coop Over 50s Travel BlogImage via @kiwisflythecoop Instagram

Linda and Scotty are the New Zealand couple behind Kiwis Fly The Coop. They have put their belongings in a storage unit and are trying to see as much of the world as possible. Boy are they having some amazing adventures! We love this quote on their blog:

“We don’t want to be sitting in a rest home talking about the trips we should have or could have done.”

From southeast Asia to house sitting in France and Italy, there’s a little bit of everything! You’ll enjoy posts of local food and drinks to amazing sights and experiences they encounter.

Alongside their blog, which you can subscribe to, you can also find Kiwis Fly The Coop on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Lifestyle Fifty / Zigazag

Lifestyle Fifty Travel BlogImage via @lifestylefifty on Instagram

Jo is so great at blogging that she has not one but two blogs and we love it! Lifestyle Fifty is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog aimed at women over 50. What a perfect combination, right ladies? And Zigazag is Jo’s Western Australian specific travel blog.

You may have seen us post about Zigazag before as we have collaborated with Jo on a couple of guest posts, such as this piece on 5 Almost Free Things To Do in Broome.

We love Jo’s approachable and friendly written blog posts. Not to mention her fashion tips are on point!

We don’t know how she finds the time, but Jo also posts on social media for both blogs (she’s one busy lady!). Head over to the website links above to find her social media pages.

Dodgy Knees

Dodgy Knees Over 50s Travel BlogImage via @dodgykneesblog on Instagram

With a travel blog named Dodgy Knees, you definitely know Ken and Cally have a good sense of humour! This Tasmanian pair has visited over 120 countries and are passionate about sharing advice and tips for older travellers.

When they’re not gallivanting around the world, you’ll find them in their hometown of Hobart. They also include travel tips for Hobart on their blog which are must-reads if you are planning a Tasmanian escape. Tips from a local are always the best!

Make sure to follow these guys on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

Travel Kiwis

Travel Kiwis BlogImage via @travelkiwis on Instagram

Terry and Maura are ‘rediscovering travel at 50’ and sharing all their experiences with us via travelkiwis.com. These two New Zealanders have been travelling since 2016.

Their travel blog is particularly a great resource for anyone interested in hearing about house & pet sitting in Europe. By house sitting their way around the world, they have not only had some amazing local experiences but in one year they saved up to US$14,000 on accommodation expenses!

You’ll also find these travelling Kiwis on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Travel Past 50

Travel Past 50 BlogImage via @travelpast50 on Instagram

Kris and Tom started travelling in 2010 and document their adventures and travel tips via their blog, Travel Past 50. You just have to check out their resumes to know this over 50 travelling duo know their stuff.

The pair have an undeniable curiosity for international culture, art, wildlife and history. Their blog is so well put together and has a wealth of travel information.

You can also find Kris and Tom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Women on the Road

Woman on the Road Travel BlogImage via women-on-the-road.com

Leyla’s blog, Women on the Road, is about encouraging women to travel whether it’s solo or as a couple/group. Having done a lot of solo travel herself, she has some great insights and tips to share with other women.

The Women on the Road travel blog came about at 30,000 feet above the Sahara and it has now been going for over 11 years. Leyla has a knack for writing captivating blog posts that’ll get your feet itchy.


Travelling Bag Blog in BroomeImage via travellingbag.com.au

Pam is the lady behind the travel blog, Travellingbag. At 40 Pam completed an Arts degree at the University of Western Australia and PhD in Classics and Ancient History. Then on her 60th birthday, Pam trekked to Everest Base Camp. She wrote a book about it alongside her travel experiences later in life.

Pam has had the pleasure of visiting Western Australia’s beautiful Kimberley region and we are so glad to hear she enjoyed it. We very much like her advice about having a glass of champagne on Cable Beach as the sun sets.

We’d highly recommend subscribing to the blog and also checking out Pam’s travel escapades on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Do you feel like travelling now? We sure do after all this travel inspiration from these over 50’s travel bloggers! If you are thinking of planning a trip to Western Australia’s Kimberley region, make sure to get in contact with Best Of The Kimberley so we can help make your time in the Kimberley one to remember!