Our Top Australian Travel Blogs to Follow

  • Posted by on 15 April 2019

It has never been so easy to plan a holiday or a trip to somewhere in the world. We literally have travel inspiration and advice at the touch of a button thanks to the internet.

Which is a good and bad thing. Good as it makes it so easy to plan an adventure, bad because it makes us all want to throw in our jobs and travel 365 days a year (which is not necessarily a bad thing if the bank account is happy)!

Whether you’re searching for travel inspo via Google or on social media, there are plenty of awesome travellers who are sharing their experiences and advice when it comes to all things travel related.

Which is why we wanted to put this post together for you - to share some of our favourite travel bloggers. But beware, you will have a serious case of itchy feet after checking out these blogs!

Top Australian Travel blogs to follow

1. WA Explorer

We are massive fans of Nina who writes WA Explorer – The Outdoor Guide to Western Australia. Nina and BOTK connected a number of years ago and we have enjoyed sharing content and travel ideas with her. Nina is based in Perth and travels around the great state of WA with her family a lot (not to forget her pup who has inspired her to write a number of dog-friendly travel pieces!). She loves camping, kitesurfing and anything to do with the outdoors.

Alongside the blog, you can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Let Me Be Free

“I write about travel and camping in order to help others have the confidence to see the world or their own backyard”

If you love to travel, then you need to follow Anne over on Let Me Be Free! Together with her husband and two kids, Anne shares with us plenty of travel adventures and tips. She is also a qualified personal trainer so you’ll spot some fitness related blog posts in her ‘Travel Fit’ category.

Whether it’s Australian travel or you’re looking at other destinations like Asia, Europe or New Zealand -  Anne has posted about a number of destinations and has some great resources on the site.

Anne also posts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. A Taste of Travel

Are you a bit of a Travel Foodie? I.e. does your stomach typically choose your next travel destination? If it does, then A Taste of Travel is the travel blog for you! Jenny is a serial traveller who has blogged about over 15 different countries, and numerous destinations within each of these countries.

We may be a little bias, but we particularly like the Broome travel category!

You can also follow Jenny on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

4. Y Travel Blog

We’ve mentioned Caz & Craig’s Y Travel Blog a number of times over the years. We simply can’t get enough of this adventure family! From Australia to the Middle East, to Africa and the Caribbean – these guys have travelled far and wide.

Caz and Craig Makepeace travel with their two daughters, Kalyra and Savannah. So, if you’re looking for family travel ideas and tips, these guys have you covered.

We’d highly recommend subscribing to their e-newsletter too!

On social media, you can find them on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

5. Borders of Adventure

We’ve recently come across Becki’s Borders of Adventure travel blog when we spotted a piece she wrote a few weeks ago on Broome. Her blog is very interactive with lots of fun widgets like where she is travelling right now (she’s travelled to over 53 countries). There’s plenty of wanderlust worthy-content to keep you entertained whether you’re planning from home or already on the road to your next destination.

You can also find Becki on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

6. ZigaZag Travel & Lifestyle by Johanna Castro

ZigaZag is a travel blog based in Western Australia and is aimed at anyone living in or planning on holidaying in WA. There are some wider Australian travel tales as well as global travel tips and stories however Jo, a Brit who now lives in Bunbury just can’t get enough of her adopted home state.

ZigaZag has everything from Broome to Albany travel tips about where to wine, dine, recline and enjoy. Wonderful upbeat blog with plenty of destination information as well as travel tips like how to avoid excess baggage fees!

Our list could honestly go on forever, I mean who doesn’t love scrolling through travel blog after travel blog! After checking out the above, we have no doubt you’ll have a serious case of the travel bug.

You can also find Jo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

7. Kimberley Australia Travel Guide by B (Birgit)

Birgit is living the dream, travelling is not just her passion but it’s also now her job. After travelling all over Australia after leaving her home of Germany, she ended up in the Kimberley and fell hopelessly in love with the northern region of Western Australia. Kimberley Australia Travel Guide gives you both the insight of a foreign traveller and a local resident of the region.

Kimberley Australia Travel Guide covers everything from attractions in the Kimberley to where to hire camper-vans to the wildlife and maps. There is plenty of information to help you plan your next holiday and narrow down your list of ‘must-sees’ in the Kimberley.

Our list could honestly go on forever, I mean who doesn’t love scrolling through travel blog after travel blog! After checking out the above, we have no doubt you’ll have a serious case of the travel bug.

Just make sure you add our beautiful Kimberley region onto your travel bucket list too!