Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs – A Taste of Broome

  • Posted by Casey on 20 May 2016

When you are presented with the opportunity to try something a little bit different, you have to jump on it in my opinion. Too many people stick to their same old Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot night in and out without really seeing what else is out there. It’s a darn shame if you ask me, because from wine to liqueur to food – there are so many weird and wonderful products on the market and some you may only get to try once in a lifetime.

So when I received a lovely gift from Broome last year, I was over-the-moon to try something so rare and unique. The lovely delivery man dropped off a fairly heavily rectangle box postmarked Broome. My intrigue got the better of me and I had to open it there and then at my desk in the office.

What lay before me were 4 absolutely gorgeous heart shaped glass bottles with a rather interesting looking liquid inside. Knowing who had sent me these treats, I knew the liquid would be some form of alcohol! Being a wine blogger, my liquor normally doesn’t come in this form but as mentioned – I’m always up for trying something new + I knew those heart shaped bottles would make perfect vases after the inside was consumed!

Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs Gift Set from Broome

After doing some research I found out these exquisite bottles were from Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs.

The Exotic Liqueurs

It’s safe to say these liqueurs from the Kimberley region of Western Australia are one of a kind. There’s four flavours:

  • Mayi (Rosella)
  • Guwarl (White Currant)
  • Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)
  • Larrgardi (Boab)

All of the liqueurs are distilled in Broome and really offer the liqueur connoisseur something different. All of the ingredients are personally gathered in the west Kimberley (under licence/approval) by the man who makes these exciting elixirs. 

The lovely gift set came with 4 little shot glasses, I decided to get the work team together for a tasting in the board room. There were mixed reactions among the team with the White Currant being a particular favourite. Plus we all agreed they’d make a fantastic present for a liqueur lover to showcase the Broome region.

With all the wines I taste, I write tasting notes as I find the process really makes me think about what’s in my glass rather than hurriedly trying to get to the bottom of the bottle. So I thought I would write a few notes, despite never having really tasted anything like this before. The below notes are purely my amateur thoughts on these Broome souvenirs.

Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs Shot Glasses min

Mayi (Rosella) Liqueur

It’s quickly evident that the colour of the Rosella flows through to what’s in the glass with a pretty rose hue. Aromas jump out of the glass and entice you for a taste which has a candied lemon and honey profile to it. Out of the four liqueurs I would say this one has the lightest body to it. I have heard the ultimate food match for this one is crocodile meat – pity we didn't have any on hand in the office as it really would of added to the ‘taste of Broome’ experience.

Guwarl (White Currant)

I think it was the lovely balance of acidity and sweetness that won the crowd over in the office. An interesting combination of lemon zest and white chocolate notes were jumping out on the palate for me. I could imagine sitting back enjoying a glass of this over dessert in the winter evenings.

Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)

The Kakadu Plum tree is an indigenous tree of the Kimberley region and is found on the coastal woodlands of the Dampier Peninsular. It’s a lovely amber colour in the glass with an inviting nose of subtle aromas and a lovely sweet fruity flavour profile on the palate. On the finish, the flavours linger and linger.

Larrgardi (Boab)

The Boab liqueur is the signature tipple of the collection and is said to ‘capture the mythology of this most emblematic symbol of Kimberley flora’. It’s very light in colour on the eye with plenty of aromatics rising from the glass and enticing you in. It’s fairly light on the palate with such an interesting flavour profile that I can’t even explain it. It’s one of those tipples you just have to try for yourself if you get the chance!

This beautiful gift set from Broome is so unique and really intrigues me about the area. I know when I do eventually get up to Broome I’ll be sure to book a Taste of Broome Tour to try even more local tipples from the area. There are so many treasures to find in this part of the world and you’ve really got to take a sip from them all for the full experience!

Author Bio: This article was written by Casey from the Travelling Corkscrew. The Travelling Corkscrew is a strong supporter of the local drinks scene in Western Australia and an avid traveller - taking the world one glass at a time.