"It's the Vibe"!

  • Posted by Best Of The Kimberley on 25 June 2014

We see that it has been rather cold in the south eastern states over the past few days and we are sure that thoughts are turning to finding somewhere warm to escape to.  The Kimberley winter weather is a perfect place to warm your bones and put a smile on your face.  With daily temperatures averaging in the high 20s and low 30s across the region for months on end, you can understand why the grey nomads gravitate annually to northern climes. 

Sure, the Kimberley is not the cheapest destination in Australia, and it can take time to get there, but the landscapes, experiences and remoteness are priceless and whilst some may only visit once in a lifetime there are others who return time and time again.  It  is the kind of place that either does, or does not, get into your soul, but once it touches your soul you are smitten for life!  

There is no denying that one of the most striking aspects of the Kimberley is the incredible colours - vivid, clear blue skies, red earth, white sandy beaches, blue waters and a myriad of earthy colours that form the ancient rocks and gorges.  I have always marvelled at how such rich red earthy cliffs can meet the bright, white sands of the beach and yet the colours remain distinctly separate!

As they say in the movie The Castle, "it's the vibe".   Hard to put into words, but once you experience the Kimberley, you will know what I mean.