Why it pays to book ahead for tours in the Kimberley

  • Posted by on 17 October 2014

While you are planning your travels in the Kimberley this year, we recommend that you book tours ahead rather than wait until you arrive at your destination.

There are a couple of reasons for this: 

  1. If you are travelling and have limited time to spend in a destination, you may well be disappointed that the tour you wish to experience is fully booked when you get there and you miss out - and from our experience this does happen when we try to get seats on tours where passengers have left it till the 'last minute'. 
  2. By booking early, it assists the tour operators in planning their operations, staffing levels and departures during the busy tourist months - particularly between May - August/early September.

Due to the economics of running a business, tour operators do require minimum number of passengers before they can confirm the tour departure.  By booking early, sometimes you may not get an immediate 'confirmation', but need to be 'waitlisted' while the tour operator receives additional bookings (until they reach the minimum number of passengers).  But having your booking in their system makes it easier for the tour operators to know the level of demand on specific dates and therefore entice other passengers to those dates - and then you can plan your travels!

If you make a booking for a tour, or tours, well ahead of your travels, Best Of The Kimberley only requires a deposit to be paid, with the balance due 42 days prior to your tour date.  If your tour is 'waitlisted' we do not take any payment until the booking is confirmed - and we regularly check with the tour operators to ascertain the current status of any waitlisted tour and then communicate that information to you.

If you are planning at the moment, contact us to check availability of the tours that you are interested in so that you work around those dates!  There is no obligation and we are happy to assist.  Call us on 1800 450 850.

Why it pays to book ahead for travel in the Kimberley