Elope and escape the big wedding hassles!

  • Posted by on 28 January 2015

Getting engaged or making the commitment to marry your partner is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make.  As soon as a couple announces their engagement, the first question asked is “what date is the wedding?”  In most cases that has not even been decided!  But eventually, when the date is named, the headaches and stress about how to please family and friends on the big day can begin!

What many couples forget is it is their wedding day and they should be free to celebrate in their own way. 

As a former owner of, and wedding coordinator at Broome Weddings (www.broomeweddings.com.au), I have had the pleasure to assist many couples to elope and escape those pressures.  Sometimes the couples have already been together for many years; some have children, some come from families where a family get-together may not go well, and some have been married previously and have already experienced the costly, big wedding event.

The cost of large wedding is escalating and a budget of $30,000 or more is not unusual.  Couples who have been together for a long time tend to fund the wedding themselves rather than the tradition of the bride’s parents paying the majority cost.  Eloping for a much lesser amount becomes financially attractive.

I have arranged elopement weddings for couples who have known each other for a matter of months and others who have been together for 30 years!

There are many places around the world where couples can elope, and there are unusual wedding ceremonies – such as underwater, skydiving, or on the top of a mountain – but mostly in my experience, couples who plan to elope just want a quiet, private and romantic ceremony at sunset on the beach.   

There is a statement being made on the sun setting on your old life before waking up together the next morning and embarking on the next chapter.

Broome’s famous Cable Beach has hosted many wedding ceremonies over the past 15 years; many of them couples who have eloped.  A ceremony on the broad expanse of a white sandy beach in the late afternoon followed by photographs of the couple taken as the sun sets makes for a simple, no stress, personal ceremony.  More often than not, the photography session following takes more time than the ceremony, but as the ultimate moment of saying “I do” is done and dusted, the couple can really relax with a glass of bubbles while the photographer captures those relaxed and intimate looks before more playful or posed images against the setting sun and glowing red rocks.

Once the wedding day is over, the couples tend to spend a few intimate days in their accommodation celebrating their marriage, or taking some leisurely time to enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on board an historic pearl lugger, take a private tour of Broome on a Harley Trike, saunter on a camel along Cable Beach – or embarking on a special honeymoon in one of the Kimberley’s remote, luxury lodges or an adventure self-drive itinerary through the rugged Kimberley.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and no doubt marriage proposals aplenty, perhaps eloping is already on the wish list!

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