Broome's Staircase to the Moon dates & times for 2018

  • Posted by on 7 July 2017

Are you planning to visit the Kimberley region in 2018?

Many travellers like to coincide their visit to Broome with the famous "Staircase to the Moon" event.  This natural phenomenon is created when the full moon rises of Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide and reflecting on the exposes rivulets on the mudflats, thus creating the illusion of a golden staircase to the Moon.

This natural event occurs on just a few days each Month from April to October.

The Broome market community also operate their Staircase Markets at Town Beach reserve on 2 nights of the 'Staircase".  Town Beach is one of just a few locations on the shores of Roebuck Bay where you can view the event and the markets stalls add a vibrant atmosphere.  With a range of local foods to savour and stalls offering a range of goods, you can immerse yourself in the event.

Town Beach is an easy, short walk from a number of Broome's accommodation locations and there is a special Town Bus service from the Cable Beach precinct on the 'moon nights' so that you will avoid the inevitable traffic such an event creates and for a small fee, you can leave the car behind.   Bus timetables are available from your accommodation.

If you are wanting to take photos of the Moonrise, we recommend you purchase an image from one of the photography stalls at the market.  It is a difficult image to take.  We know, we have tried and have seen so many disappointing images of others that have also tried.  One mistake people make is to leave the flash on their device which only highlights the other people watching or washes out the scenery!  And a tripod is almost essential.  Some people are so busy trying to take the perfect image that they actually do not really see the moon rise.

We are often asked how much it costs to see the "Staircase to the Moon" and we are delighted to advise that it is free!

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view!