Broome Cape Leveque Road

  • Posted by on 8 January 2020

Broome Cape Leveque RoadThe Broome Cape Leveque Road is a ‘notorious’ 220kms road which is the only gazetted thoroughfare from Broome through to Cape Leveque, at the top of the Dampier Peninsula.

 Broome Cape Leveque Road Map

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Sections of the road have been a bone-shaking, car-wrecking, drive for many years and the road can be so problematic that the vehicle hire companies will only allow 4WD vehicles to traverse the road between dawn and dusk. Wet season storms turn the rich, red earth (known locally as ‘pindan’) into slush and many travellers have been stranded. Even local people, who are aware of how quickly conditions can change with a sudden rain burst, get caught.

 Car Stuck on Broome Cape Leveque Road ABC Kimberley

Image: ABC Kimberley

Whilst some sealing has been done is past years, there remains a 90km unsealed section. The works to fully seal the road commenced in 2018 and construction is expected to be completed by 2021. 2019 saw the construction of the road embankment for the entire length of road in 2019. In 2020, the construction and sealing of the remaining 90km unsealed section will be undertaken.

Once completed, the improved road will provide important, all-weather access to the Dampier Peninsula and surrounding communities, improve road safety and reduce commercial transport costs.

Other road works to be undertaken include:

  • Reconstruction and sealing of the existing 13.6 km of narrow seal.
  • Upgrade of the Broome Cape Leveque Road and Broome Highway intersection.
  • Alignment/geometric and drainage improvements.
  • The installation of culverts, fauna underpasses and flood ways.

The upgrade of the Cape Leveque Road will be not only be life-changing for the Peninsula residents and communities, but also tour operators who have endured years of expensive vehicles repairs and from 2021 will be able to conduct their tours with a more comfortable journey for their guests.

Whilst the road will be more accessible for self drive travellers in the future, if you only have a short time to visit the Dampier Peninsula, we suggest sitting back and relaxing on a guided Cape Leveque tour from Broome.

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