Australia Travel Tips: 10 Tips for Travellers

  • Posted by on 16 July 2019

Whether you live in Australia or are from overseas and are keen to explore more of our great country - this post is full of Australia travel tips for you.

Collectively the Best Of The Kimberley team has a lot of travel miles under our belts. Therefore we thought it was about time we shared some of our best travel tips. Whether you’re travelling to the Kimberley in Western Australia, hiking in Tasmania or enjoying Queensland’s best beaches - the below tips will help ensure you enjoy your travels as much as possible.

So let’s get stuck in:

Australia Travel Tips 10 Tips

Travel Tip #1: Do you research

While everyone likes a bit of spontaneity in their lives, it doesn’t hurt to do your research. Doing travel research doesn’t mean you need to plan and book everything in advance - however it can save you from having to do research on the road and potentially losing precious exploring time on doing something you could have done from home before your trip.

If you’re travelling to a location you have never been before. It’s worthwhile taking the time to look up availability for things like tours and accommodation and how accessible everything will be once you are there.

For example, in the Kimberley region, we highly recommend you book tours ahead of time. This is particularly important during the peak season (May-September) because otherwise you may miss out completely.

Travel Tip #2: Get advice from trusted sources

The best advice comes from people who have travelled to your travel destinations recently and regularly. On the internet there is a lot of web pages about destinations, however you might find that many articles are written by people who have never stepped foot in that location.

Therefore, make sure the advice you receive about a destination is in fact factual. Sometimes it’s hard to know how trustworthy or genuine an internet source might be, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give people a call. Once you get into a conversation, we’re sure you’ll have a better understanding of how knowledgeable they are on your travel destination.

If you are booking tours/handing over money online. Make sure the business is in fact a legitimate business and has accreditations. Like the ATAS travel accreditation for tourism operators.

ATAS Travel Accredited logo

Travel Tip #3: Australia is big, very big!

Australia is a big country. Which means it may take longer to travel from point A to point B than you expect. Most people tend to trust tools like Google Maps but with our experience is that in the Kimberley, it should not be relied upon. A good old fashioned map is the safest way to navigate.

If you’re in the outback, or in remote parts of Australia, don’t forget to do your research into where the next petrol station is too! Running out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, is never a fun idea.

Driving along the Gibb River Road

Travel Tip #4: Check on restrictions, limitations and laws

Even if you are a born and bred Aussie, some parts of Australia do not function the same. Therefore it’s important to educate yourself on any restrictions and bans so you don’t cause any undue harm.

For instance in the Kimberley some areas are impacted by; alcohol restrictions, reduced phone/internet coverage and quarantine restrictions.

Kimberley Buchtucker Liqueurs

Travel Tip #5: Be aware of shop timings, especially medical related businesses (just in case)

Supermarket, banks, pharmacies and brick and mortar businesses have different timings across the country. Therefore it’s important to be aware of shop opening and closing times and days.

Australian Shop Opening HoursThis is especially important if you plan to self-cater on your holiday, as you may end up arriving at your location to find that nothing is open because it’s a Sunday for example.

Having a plan in place if a medical emergency arises is of the utmost importance. You should check that there is a nearby medical centre or doctor you can easily get to if needed. If not, who can you call in an emergency?

We all hate to think about those ‘bad situations’ especially while we are travelling. However being aware of your local surroundings and what to do in an emergency will help if a situation was to arise.

Travel Tip #6: Visiting Aboriginal communities

If visiting an aboriginal community is high on your list of Australian travel must-do’s, then it’s important to do your research properly.

Some Aboriginal communities are open to visitors, however there are also many that are completely closed. Therefore it’s important, if you see a ‘no access’ sign, to respect the community's privacy.

It’s always best to call ahead to find out more details if you plan on visiting any Aboriginal communities.

Travel Tip #7: Plan for the climate

Summer kicks off in December and winter in June in Australia.

Aussie is such a diverse country when it comes to climate. You can experience everything from 40 degree temperatures in Broome to snow and minus temperatures in places like the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and Mt Baw Baw in Victoria.

These days, thanks to technology, it’s super easy to look at what the climate is anywhere in the world. Therefore, open that weather app on your phone - check what you’re likely to expect, and pack appropriately.

By packing appropriately you can make sure you have the correct clothing and gear before you go. While some of us love our shopping trips, sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do while travelling. Plus if you plan early, you can catch sales and deals.

Also, don’t forget the sun is very strong in Australia. Literally 30 minutes in the sun without sunscreen on can fry you to a crisp!

Travel Tip #8: Travel Insurance

If you’re an overseas visitor to Australia then we cannot stress enough the importance of travel insurance. You just never know what’s going to be around the next corner. And if you’re prepared for the worst, it’s going to help what might be a stressful situation, be just a little bit easier for you and your family.

Travel Tip #9: Drink & Eat Local

Here in Australia we love to support our local businesses. We have some amazing Australian produce and beverages made and produced right on our shores. Therefore we recommend you shop local. If you’re self-catering on your Australian travels look for locally produced goods from your local IGA, farmers market or small businesses.

If you prefer dining out, then look for local restaurants and cafes who source the majority of their ingredients locally and stock local beers, wines and beverages. You might be surprised at the new tastes and flavours you can uncover around Australia.

Top tip: If you think everyone drinks Fosters beer in Australia, you’ll be surprised to find that’s not the case. The best way to find out what the locals love is to head to the closest pub and check out what’s on tap.

Travel Tip #10: Share your local experiences

We love sharing the love for local businesses. Therefore we strongly urge you to share your favourite Aussie travel experiences with other travellers so they too can have wonderful travel experiences. By doing this, you’re helping other travellers with tips to make their trips the best they can be.

So how can you do this? You can leave them a Google Review, share photos online or offline with friends and family, leave a comment on a forum and more! Positive reviews and mentions for a small, locally owned and operated business can mean the world to a business owner alongside providing valuable advice for future travellers.

So there you have it - our 10 travel tips for Australia in 2019. If you have any questions or need help booking your next Kimberley holiday, get in touch with our Kimberley travel specialists today.