10 Aussie Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

  • Posted by on 22 December 2016

Nowadays when it comes to researching a holiday or trip, the internet is an imperative tool for information, pictures and making travel bookings. Everything is literally at your fingertips!

Social media is one of those tools that many travellers use to research holiday options and travel destinations. At the moment the Best of the Kimberley team are loving Instagram. Whether it’s following your favourite travel-related Instagram account, looking through travel hashtags for inspiration or purely procrastinating because who doesn’t love to dream about their next trip.

So what we have done is spent countless hours trawling through Instagram (it’s been hard work, but we did it for you!) to bring you, what we think about some of the best travel Instagram accounts in Australia! We think Australia is the perfect travel destination so hopefully the below accounts get those feet itching with some new ideas.

1. Australian Geographic

If you’re a traveller who loves all things to do with nature, animals and culture, then you must follow the Australian Geographic – their pictures are simply amazing! 
Australian Geographic Instagram

2. West Australian Explorer

If you’re looking to travel in Western Australia then you must follow local blogger Nina as she shares all the best bits about WA!
West Australian Explorer Instagram

3. Explore Outback

If the Aussie outback is on your travel bucket list this year, then make sure you’re following Australian Outback Photographer - Explore Outback. You’ll be craving a new adventure in no time.
Explore Outback Instagram

4. Y Travel Blog

Caz, Craig and the kids travel extensively – a lot around Aussie but also to international destinations. They are also heavily focused on family travel so if you have young ones then this travel Instagram account is a must follow.
Y Travel Blog Instagram

5. Aussie Bush Camping

If you love the outdoors and camping then this is the account to follow! From camp cooking to fishing and more – you’ll be inspired to grab your swag and hit the road.
Aussie Bush Camping Instagram

6. Wanderlust Aussies

If you’re a Sydneysider or planning a trip to Sydney this year then these guys will provide you all those fantastic tips and tricks from a local. Yes, there are amazing things to see and do in Sydney for a traveller but this account takes Sydney travel one step further.
Wanderlust Aussies Travel Instagram

7. Travel Outback Australia

This popular outback travel Instagram account is from a local’s point of view so you’re sure to get plenty of insider outback travel hints and tips.
Travel Outback Australia Instagram

8. The Blonde Nomads

Join Rob and Tracy and their two super cute kids as they travel around Australia and abroad (every now and then). There’s a good dose of beaches, sunsets, wildlife and family travel moments on this fab Insta travel account.
The Blonde Nomads Instagram

9. Life in the Slow Lane

Aussie travel writer and serial Instagrammer, Lisa takes some absolutely beautiful shots – you’ll be jumping in the car or on a plane asap. We especially love her as she really captures the beauty of the Kimberley region so well.
Life in the Slow Lane Instagram

10. Australian Traveller Magazine

We can’t get enough of this oh so aesthetically pleasing travel Instagram account from Australia’s bestselling travel magazine. You’ll get lost in this account for hours and no doubt have an Aussie travel bucket list a mile long by the end of it too.
Australian Traveller Magazine InstagramAnd lastly, we have recently jumped on board the Instagram train so we’d love for you to follow @bestofthekimberley too!