5 Tips & More For Your Next Kimberley Fishing Adventure

  • Posted by on 5 July 2018

Fishing in Western Australias Kimberley Region

If you’re looking for some of the best fishing in the world, the Kimberley region of Western Australia is the place to be.

Whether you want to hook a barramundi or are interested in sports fishing, there is something for everyone.  With many options for fishing including a charter, fishing tidal creeks, river systems or beaches, you’re sure to have the thrill of a lifetime when you fish in Western Australia.

Below you can find more information about your next big fishing adventure.

Kimberley Fishing Charter

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5 Tips for those who love to fish

Fishing takes some know-how; especially if you’re looking to catch some of the best Australian waters have to offer.  Here are our top five tips for catching your ‘trophy fish’ while on holiday.

1. Use the correct gear

When you’re looking to land the big one, it’s important to have the right equipment. While fishing tours like those booked on the Best of the Kimberley website, typically provide equipment, if you’re looking to bring your own, you should know what to bring.

You’ll have the best chance of bringing in a monster fish if you use the right line for bottom fishing or trolling, high-quality hooks, leaders and a high-quality reel like a Shimano.

Your rod also matters since you want one with a mix of flex and strength. Penn rods are some of the best available.

2. Use the right bait

Using the right bait is crucial to pulling in your dream fish. Whether you opt to use live bait or lures, the bait matters and it can be the difference between catching a fish that you release and a fish that you keep.   Taking an organised fishing charter will ensure you have the right bait.

3. Go to the correct location for what you’re trying to catch

You’ll only catch the fish you’re hunting if you’re in the right place.

For example, if you’re looking to catch coral trout, blue bone, golden snapper, or cod, you’ll want to select a reef fishing trip.

Broome Fishing Charter

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If you’re looking to hook the thrilling barramundi, you’ll want to fish the Ord river system or take a heli-fishing adventure to more remote locations!

Helicopter Fishing Charter in the Kimberley

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4. Stay hydrated

When you have a huge fish on the line, it takes some energy to reel it in. In the hot Australian sun, you’ll want to be sure that you stay hydrated so that you have the energy necessary to reel in your prized catch.   Always take a reusable water bottle with you.  Tour operators also carry water so that you can regularly refill your bottle.

5. Sun protection

The fierce Kimberley sun can burn in a short time, so good sun protection is vital.  Check out eco-friendly sunscreens that do not contaminate the pristine waterways (a simple Google search will bring up plenty of options), wear a broad-rimmed hat, a long-sleeved shirt.

If you forget to bring a suitable hat, there are choices available in numerous stores in Broome and Kununurra.    If possible, choose one that has a rear flap to protect your neck and ears.

Kimberley Fishing Boat Adventure

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Best tours to book

The best tours to book fully depend on the kind of fish you want to catch and how long you want to fish and how much time you have.

For example, choose from half day, full day and extended tours.  Most Kimberley fishing tours do not operate during the wet season months of December to March.

Be sure to consider these things when booking your tour.

What should I look for in a tour operator?

Before booking a fishing tour, be sure to find one that is known for being knowledgeable, helpful and safe.  When you choose a tour operator that knows what they’re doing, you’ll have a much higher chance of reeling in the fish of your dreams.

In selecting the right charter operator look for accreditation and certification, such as those businesses have undergone close scrutiny of their operations and achieved accreditation.

Consider the following when choosing your tour leader:

  • They’re knowledgeable. They know where to take you for the highest likelihood that you’ll catch a fish.
  • They’re helpful. If you’re a beginner especially, you’ll want a tour operator that supplies fishing gear, offers help tying hooks, hooking bait and best of all, filleting your catch so that you can bring it to shore to enjoy on the BBQ!
  • They’re safe. Check if they are an Accredited Tourism Business (which means they have had to meet rigorous criteria) and ask questions about safety, such as life jackets on board (if you’re going on a boat) and emergency equipment carried. 

Look for these logos: Eco Certified Tourism Logo

Best of the Kimberley Fishing Tours

Best of the Kimberley offers fishing tours including a full day of reef fishing, the Ord experience fishing safari, (both a full day tour) and the Ord venture, which is a half day fishing tour.  Or for a remote adventure – Heli-fishing!  Some Kimberley cruises also have a strong focus on fishing.

Whatever your fishing adventure dreams, whether it is fishing the mighty Ord River seeking barramundi, or tackling a variety of fish on the reef trip off the Kimberley coast there is a fishing trip to suit.

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