5 Things You May Not Know About Kununurra

  • Posted by on 30 March 2015

Sunset over Lake Kununurra on a day tour
How much do you know about the eastern Kimberley in the far north west of Western Australia? The truth is that most of the Western Australian population lives in Perth and surrounding areas, and spending our time enjoying the city. When we think about travel, it’s often somewhere beyond our borders.

The truth is that you can have a great vacation and see something completely different – right here in Western Australia. One exciting example of this is the town of Kununurra. Situated within the beautiful Kimberley region, the area is home to a wide variety of natural landscapes and scenic views.

Kununurra truly offers travellers a unique look into what makes our country so beautiful. Check out five interesting facts of what makes this place so unique – and a uniquely interesting vacation and travel destination too!

1. Kununurra is closer to Jakarta than Perth!

Believe it or not, Kununurra is actually closer to the capital city of Indonesia than it is to Perth. Kununurra is exactly 1057 kilometres east of Broome – and well over 3000 kilometres, by road, north-east of Perth. When you look at the precise measurements, the town is much closer to Jakarta than your home-town.

When you put it into this perspective, you can really see the true vastness of the entire land mass of Australia. Despite the distance, however, most travellers are delighted to know they can ‘get away’ without leaving this great country.

2. Kununurra first became a town in 1961

While Kununurra has remained a destination location for quite some time, it actually was not gazetted until about 50 years ago. The area officially became a town in 1961. For visitors, the town now provides a convenient base for visitors to explore the surrounding Kimberley Region.

3. The spelling of Kununurra was originally Cununurra

If you’re interested in naming origins, this fact ought to be interesting for you. Does the original lettering of “Cununurra” sound a little familiar to you? This was one of the problems with Kununurra’s original spelling.

The Cununurra version of the town’s name sounds and looks quite a bit like Cunamulla in Queensland and Currawarna in New South Wales. Rather than creating confusion for the Post Office, authorities decided to swap the “C” for a “K.” The phonetic pronunciation was the same, but the Post Office would have no problem of too many similar-sounding (and spelt) locations. Problem solved for everyone.

4. The Ord Valley in Kununurra is a world-leading producer of Chia seeds.

If you enjoy smoothies and other health foods, you've probably heard of Chia seeds. Chia seeds were originally grown by the Aztecs and since their ‘rediscovery’ in the early 1990s, have continued to increase in popularity throughout the world as a beneficial “super food.” If you visit the Ord Valley in Kununurra you can see one of the leading producers of the crop in the world. The Ord Valley produces 750 tonnes per annum of the super food.

5. Multiple lakes in the region are Ramsar Protected Wetlands.

If you’re a fan of conservation and enjoying nature, this landscape is for you. In fact, two nearby lakes – Lake Kununurra and Lake Argyle – have been officially recognised as protected wetlands. These wetlands were first listed in 1990 as Australian Site No. 32.

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