5 Romantic Things to do in Broome (including popping the question on a sunset camel ride!)

  • Posted by on 11 December 2014

Broome boasts beautiful beaches, charming resorts and mesmerising views, it truly is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Australia. If you and your sweetie are looking for a romantic getaway, Broome should be at the top of your list! From sunset camel rides to intimate hideaways, Broome is the perfect spot to sweet talk a loved one.

1. Sunset Broome Camel Rides 

Riding the iconic camel train along Cable Beach as the sun sets is the perfect scene for romance at the end of your day in Broome. With a background of the sun disappearing into the beautiful Indian Ocean, you and your sweetie can ride off into the sunset in style.

An exotic Broome camel ride is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that will create lasting memories to share with your children and grandchildren for years to come. Perhaps it may even be that perfect opportunity to pull out that diamond ring and pop the question (hint, hint guys!)

Broome Camel RidesImage courtesy of Australia’s North West Tourism

2. Staircase to the Moon

Only those who are in the right place at the right time can experience the magic that is the Staircase to the Moon. The light of the stars and the moon will set the mood as you watch the full moon rise over the coast of Broome.

When the tide is low, the exposed mudflats in the Indian Ocean reflect the light of the moon, and create a stunning optical illusion that appears to be a set of stairs that reach the moon.

The picturesque views can only be seen by those who look for them. Waiting for the right conditions on the beach under the starlight is the perfect way to begin a romantic night. Pack a picnic, leave the mobile phones at home and simply enjoy each other’s company as you see the beauty unfold in front of you.

Staircase ANW James Morgan PhotographyImage courtesy of Australia’s North West Tourism (James Morgan Photography)

3. Elope to Cable Beach

What could be more romantic than eloping on a panoramic beach? At the scenic Cable Beach, Broome Weddings has been organising weddings for the past 15 years. They will do all the work to make your wedding that once in a lifetime magical moment you want your wedding day to be.

Planning a traditional wedding can be stressful… but a seaside elopement on the gorgeous Cable Beach leaves room for you to spend your time and energy enjoying each other in paradise without the hassles of a large wedding.

The Brydons Broome WeddingsImage courtesy of Broome Weddings

4. Sunset at Coconut Well

Tourist areas are often beautiful – which is why they attract tourists - but at times they can be overcrowded leaving little room for the privacy you crave. Instead of following the crowds, take a guided cruise on a Harley Trike to one of Broome’s best-kept beach secrets: Coconut Well.

After a tranquil cruise, this enchanting hideaway is a perfect getaway at any time of the day - for a charming stroll along the beach, an intimate dip in the clear waters, or best of all, a stunning view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Broome Trike ToursImage courtesy of Broome Trike Tours

5. High Tea at Cable Beach Club Resort

High Tea at Cable Beach Club & Resort is the best way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon while soaking up the views. Enjoy delectable petit fours and a glass of sparkling wine followed by unlimited tea and coffee while you unwind and relax.

After you sip and taste your way to foodie happiness, why not check out the menu of relaxing massages, facials and soothing treatments at the Resort’s in-house day spa to end the perfect afternoon?

Cable Beach Club Resort Spa High Tea BroomeImage courtesy of Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa

On a romantic holiday, you deserve romantic daytime getaways, gorgeous sunset scenery and intimate evenings. Broome offers all of that and more - and you will both make memories that will last for a lifetime. Surprise a loved one today, by taking the first step to booking your romantic getaway by called the Best of the Kimberley team on 1800 450 850 for a free quote or contact us online.