5 of the Best Broome Sunset Views (that are not on a camel)

  • Posted by on 9 November 2017

With broad skies and few man-made structures to block the view, Broome offers several sensational ‘big sky’ viewing locations to take in a stunning sunset.   With most travellers owning a smartphone with a camera, capturing a memorable sunset image is child’s play these days.

Broome’s iconic image of a sunset camel ride goes without saying as THE top place to view a Broome sunset, but if you are not keen to climb aboard, then here are our 5 favourite alternative sunset viewing locations around Broome.

1. Cable Beach

Looking out over the Indian Ocean and 22kms of sand, Cable Beach provides the most awesome uninterrupted view.  The foreshore park is a popular place for visitors as the grassy area is perfect to lay a picnic blanket or set up some picnic chairs whilst enjoy an icy beverage as the sun goes down.   Alternatively, take a long stroll on the beach and dip your toes in the warm ocean waters whilst the daylight fades.

Travel Tip: Stay until well after the sun has disappeared over the horizon as the best colours are displayed then and most visitors seem to leave the area as soon as the sun sets!

Cable Beach Sunset in Broome

2. Entrance Beach

 Located at the tip of the Broome peninsula is Entrance Point and Entrance Beach.  This is a beach not often visited by visitors and is a locals’ favourite.  At low tide, you can stroll the almost deserted beach which is fringed with a rugged, red coastline.

Travel tip: Park in the bitumenised car park and walk down to the sand via the boat launching ramp.

Entrance Beach Sunset in Broome

3. Gantheaume Point

 Just a few minutes’ drive from Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point which is the southern end of Cable Beach.  Here you can drive onto the beach from the access road opposite the Broome racetrack and park in the designated parking area.  Take the dog for a walk, throw a Frisbee, kick a footy, or choose to move just a few paces from the vehicle to set up a chair, pull out the esky and pour a beverage.   During the dry season, the fishing charter vessels return from their daily excursions and anchor offshore so you can just watch the procession of returning tourists.

Gantheaume Point is a popular location for the locals and visitors because of the vehicular access.  On any day or night of the week you will be sharing the beach with others.

Travel tip: When driving onto the beach be aware of the tides as parking in the wrong spot at the tide changes can be hazardous with vehicles getting bogged or caught in a rapid, incoming tide.

Travel tip: Most hire vehicle companies exclude beach driving.  Make sure you check with your supplier before driving a hire vehicle on the beach.

Gantheaume Point Sunset in Broome

4. Sunset hovercraft tour on Roebuck Bay

For something a little different, take a hovercraft tour on Roebuck Bay.  Skim across the waters at very low tide, view and learn about the fascinating dinosaur footprints on the far foreshore of the bay.   Afterwards, your guide will stop the hovercraft on a mudflat in Roebuck Bay where passengers alight,enjoy some nibbles and a drink and watch the sun set over the Broome township.

Broome Sunset hovercraft tour on Roebuck Bay

(Image credit: Broome Hovercraft)

Travel tip: The sunset hovercraft tour is tidal dependent and does not operate every day.

 5. Sunset at Coconut Well

Coconut Well is a small residential village located 20 minutes’ drive northeast of the Broome township on the shores of the Indian Ocean.   The homes here are in an off-the-grid enclave and most boast views of the ocean.  However, there is also access to the remote northern Cable Beach.   This location is tucked away so taking a guided Broome Trike sunset tour you are almost guaranteed not to bump into any other tourists.  This situation lends itself to special occasions, such as ‘popping the question’.  And let’s face it, a sunset proposal has to be high on the memorable moment's list.

Sunset at Coconut Well from Broome

(Image credit: Broome Trike Tours)

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