Camel Rides in Broome - What You Need To Know

  • Posted by on 11 September 2019

Camel Rides in BroomeA Camel ride is one of the most popular holiday activities to do in Broome, and Cable Beach is the perfect spot for it, with its 22km long stretch of white sand on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

5 Reasons to Park the Car & Caravan and Take a Guided Tour in 2020

  • Posted by on 28 August 2019

We often hear of travellers in the Kimberley taking their caravans along the Kimberley’s famous Gibb River Road, only for their much loved caravan or camper to come to grief along the way. Whilst there are ‘off road’ caravans and camper trailers, the Gibb River Road can, at times, be a challenge for even the best touring equipment.

Australia Travel Tips: 10 Tips for Travellers in 2020

  • Posted by on 16 July 2019

Whether you live in Australia or are from overseas and are keen to explore more of our great country - this post is full of Australia travel tips for you.

Our Top Australian Travel Blogs to Follow

  • Posted by on 15 April 2019

It has never been so easy to plan a holiday or a trip to somewhere in the world. We literally have travel inspiration and advice at the touch of a button thanks to the internet.

Is self driving the Gibb River Road for you?

  • Posted by on 7 January 2019

Whilst touring the Gibb River Road recently, we met a couple who did not appear to fit in with the scenery or (to quote that fabulous Australian movie “The Castle”) ‘the vibe’ of the experience, but we realise that everyone is different and not to make a hasty judgement.  

Over 50's Travel Bloggers To Follow

  • Posted by on 11 December 2018

Over 50s Travel Bloggers To FollowResearching holiday and travel destinations has never been easier. The internet gives us copious amounts of information right at our fingertips for free. However with so much information out there on the world wide web, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust.

2019 Qantas Direct Flights from the East Coast to Broome

  • Posted by on 7 December 2018

When planning your travel to Broome, from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, the following Qantas direct flights are scheduled for 2019:

Welcome back to Best Of The Kimberley team Tina

  • Posted by on 6 December 2018

Best Of The Kimberley was thrilled in November to welcome back into the 'BOTK family', Broome-based Tina Coate, after a 12 year absence.

Popular Broome Tours - October to March

  • Posted by on 9 October 2018

The busy Kimberley tourist season is winding down as many travellers head south for a milder climate after enjoying months of warm, Kimberley sunshine over the winter.  

Kimberley Tours For Seniors

  • Posted by on 28 August 2018

Do you have a Seniors Card?

Travelling around Australia is not just the domain of young backpackers, in fact the so called ‘grey nomads’ are hitting the road in increasing numbers.  Some are fully equipped with the latest 4WD high-tech vehicle and luxury caravan every conceivable gadget (with all the comforts of home)  to those who prefer a simpler and more affordable style of travelling such as a sedan and campervan, or a tent and camping equipment to get away from it all.